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Why You Should Own American Parrotlets

People that are obsessed with parrots might want to consider owning a parrotlet, a smaller variety of this species. They originate from Central and South America, and can be seen flying naturally with flocks that can be well over 100 birds at a time, the beautiful spectacle for anyone to see. One of the most popular ones are the American parrotlets that are adorable, similar to a yellow canary in size and appearance. The primary difference is the distinctive hookbill that all parrots have, and their ability to interact in the same way that parrots do which has made them so popular.

Different Parrotlet Generas

There are three different parrotlet generas that are known to researchers including the forpus, touit and the nannopsittaca. Each of these has separate species, of which the golden tailed parrotlet and the yellow faced parrotlet seem to be reminiscent of the American variety. These birds do very well in captivity, especially genus forpus. They are very small, easy to care for, and despite naturally surviving in the wild for millennia, they seem to be right at home in a cage within households worldwide.

Characteristics Of The American Parrotlets

These birds are very unique due to the way they have been developed, differing from the European variety. They have what many agree to be a butter yellow color, one that almost entirely covers their body. European birds tend to have black eyes and green feathers which are absent the American variety. You can tell the sexes apart by looking at the deep blue feathers on the wings of the mail, as well as streaks of this color near their eyes. If you would like to own one for yourself, or perhaps a pair so that you can breed them, here is how you can find them for sale either online or at a store near you.

Where Can You Find Them For Sale?

The popularity of these birds has really taken off in recent years which has made them more readily available than ever before. They have the unique characteristics of parrots which is a personality that is riveting, the ability to do acrobatic tricks, and can even attempt to mimic human language. They are very gentle, and with the exception of those that they sometimes get upset when they are not fed regularly, their disposition is almost always pleasant and playful, making them a fan favorite with those that love both parrots and parakeets. Finding parrotlets for sale online is very simple, which will either lead you to a store that sells them or you can find breeders that do this for a living. They will typically have a better stock of the bird, which will allow you to also breed them so that you can look forward to beautiful birds that you can also sell.

After you have had one of these birds in your home, you will wonder why you had never owned an American parrotlet before. Just like taking care of any bird, whether it is a finch, canary, or a lady gouldian, they will provide you with hours of joy.

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